First glimpse of the PS5?

On May 21st 2019 a video came out on Youtube showing us  a comparison between the PS4 and the next generation(PS5) console. We’re not sure whether it was leaked or was given the green flag by Sony to be put up online.This clipping was from a Sony presentation in which both consoles were running Marvel’s Spiderman, and were being compared based on their load times. The PS4 took about 8 and a half seconds to load a game with delays in environment rendering in comparison to the PS5 which took about 0.8 seconds with no rendering delays whatsoever. The PS5 also showed off its famously talked about ray tracing abilities with sunlight and reflections looking beautifully crisp and lifelike. The clip also confirmed that the console would be backwards compatible, so you wouldn’t have to let go of our old games. Sony hasn’t officially given out a release date, but have confirmed a lot more AAA titles for the PS4 which further extends the date for the PS5’s arrival. 

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