Need For Speed 2019 confirmed!

EA’s Need For Speed franchise has had a very inconsistent decade with its 3 games receiving mixed reviews from a number of gaming pundits and guru’s. Starting from NFS Rivals all the way to NFS Payback(2017) the franchise has experimented with different play styles and customisation options that lured it away from what actually makes a really good NFS game with NFS Most Wanted obviously being a benchmark for all of them.Every great NFS game was all about the storyline and its unique way of integrating real actors into cutscenes and also using lifelike customisation options which made us players feel like we actually owned an expensive vehicle that had to be cared for and taken care of.NFS Payback, EA’s most recent release moved away from  that and gave us a game that left a really bad after taste. It had a gambling like system for customisation and also cartoon characters which felt like the game had been made for a 10 year old, but thats enough of the past. 

It has been confirmed that EA are releasing a new NFS title in 2019 repeating its 2 year waiting period between games that began in 2015. A poll that asked fans to choose which NFS title they enjoyed the most over the years was put out, and the obvious result was the Underground series. The franchise has also confirmed that they are going to emphasise more on cops vs racers. So expect something on those lines. Hopefully EA and Ghost games redeem themselves with this upcoming title and make up for a lacklustre decade.

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